Tips Save Gasoline on Earth Day. Here are tips for fuel-efficient version of the Ministry of Energy United States.

1. Driving reasonably

The purpose of these tips are the drivers were asked to not apply the 'aggressive driving'.
With reasonable driving, motorists are encouraged to avoid the trivial habits when driving that affect fuel consumption such as brake suddenly, suddenly stepped on the gas, and others.

The American government believed with reasonable driving style, vehicle owners can save fuel up to 33 percent when he is on the highway and 5 percent on urban roads.

2. Keep your speed

Any vehicle capable of achieving economical fuel consumption level is optimal in the range of different speeds.
But usually, the speed limit is not too make the 'thirsty' vehicles were at about 60 mph (96 km per hour). The American government believed if motorists drove 5 mph (8 km per hour) faster than 60 mph before, then the driver actually add U.S. $ 0.24 or about Rp 2,000 per 5 mph.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to maintain the speed. Moreover, by methods such as this gasoline can be saved between 7-23 percent.

3. Avoid carrying unnecessary items

Often motorists always carry all belongings in the car. Various items were included, which in turn makes the car weighs so much weight.
An increasingly heavy weight that makes fuel consumption become more extravagant. Therefore, avoid carrying unnecessary items.

According to calculation, by reducing at least 100 pounds of luggage, fuel consumption became more economical 2 percent.

4. Choice of air-cc small car

Character large capacity machines mean more fuel thirsty than the air-cc small car. Therefore, try to select cars with engine capacity is not large.

5. Use Cruise Control feature

When on the highway try to use the cruise control to help make the car a more constant speed and in some cases save fuel buses.

6. Use Overdrive Gears

When the Overdrive Gears car speed will slow. Use Overdrive Gears technique is able to save on fuel use as well as extend the life of the engine.

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