Aluminum Improve Fuel Efficiency Up 10 Percent. The use of aluminum components in the manufacture of the vehicle was able to reduce the weight of cars by 40 percent. With the lighter weight, vehicle fuel consumption was reduced by 10 percent.

Manufacture of various parts of the car with a lightweight aluminum material turned out to bring positive effects, not only able to make the weight of cars that fall, but also make the consumption of fuel so more economical. This is obtained after analyzing the 26 components in the car.

The study was conducted by the University of Aachen, Germany and the European Aluminium Association. A second study concluded that the aluminum body that is used in some parts of the vehicle is considered better than when using high strength steel.

When aluminum is able to reduce weight by 40 percent, high strength steel is only able to reduce weight by 11 percent.

But even able to make a 'diet' which made ​​the car run successfully, aluminum also does not compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle. Aluminum can be used to cut weight without reducing the stiffness of the vehicle or hamper performance.

Aluminum Association's Transportation Group also explain if the results of this study combined with other data up to 525 pounds heavy pruning can also be realized by using aluminum.

"Answer to become more environmentally friendly is more efficient, affordable cars and trucks is a holistic approach by making a light weight, high strength, such as aluminum match made ​​affordable with smart design, current powertrains and clean fuel," said Randall Scheps, ATG Chairman and Director of Ground Transportation, as reported by greencarcongress Alcoa Inc. on Monday (4/18/2011).

source : detk.com

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