Electric scooter from Volkswagen Review. This electric scooter may be the way VW challenging "German premium duo", the Mercedes-Benz and BMW are already launched a similar product last year through two built-in Smart and the Mini brand in Paris.

VW equip this scooter with an electric motor powered by 350-watt lithium ion battery energy sources. Once the full contents can be used for browsing and dikebut 40.2 km 50 km / hour. The weight of this scooter is only 20 kg without batteries.

Although VW is still shy to express his interest into the two-wheeler market, early indications in that direction already exists. One new idea that being prepared is to get into rental scooter that links between strategic location between the railway stations, bus terminals, offices and shopping centers.

source : kompas.com

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Tony said... @ May 4, 2011 at 12:03 AM

It would be interesting to see if you could make this into a series hybrid by adding a crank attached to a generator. Then you could add additional range and power by pedaling. The battery and electric motor make a transmission & gears unnecessary.

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