Vertek of Ford SUV Review. Vertek using the latest technology EcoBoost engine capacity of 1600 cc four-cylinder in line. To be more fuel efficient, Ford adds auto start-stop feature that automatically turn off the engine when the brake pedal is stepped on in a long time.

American car manufacturers are claiming that the system Auto-Start-Stop can reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to 5 percent in a variety of driving conditions.

Remarkably, immediately after the driver prepares to walk, with start-stop technology to be smooth and instantly the machine will begin to burn, it only needs about 0.3 seconds to start the engine. This process was virtually undetectable.

"There are many more innovative and sophisticated design that can be viewed on Ford's Ford Vertrek concept that symbolizes the vision of the future of Ford's compact SUV is sleek, sporty and stylish.

source : okezone.com

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