Yamaha compete with Honda CBR 250R. Manufacturing bearing the tuning fork is also reportedly preparing a 250 cc sport bike to fight the Honda CBR250R, and Kawasaki Ninja 250R.

From the pictures in circulation, motor sport 250 cc Yamaha engine seems to be based on the Yamaha R15 currently exist. Yamaha R15 is proven successful, the motor with V-Ixion-like engine capacity of 150 cc is quite popular in India.

Well-born 250-cc Yamaha motorcycle was also was not separated from the R15. For as detikOto quotes from Visordown, Tuesday (04/19/2011) Yamaha R15 sales predicted to be disrupted by the birth CBR250R.

For that, the Yamaha feels the need to give rivals who were matched for CBR250R.

And like the Honda CBR250R, motor sport's Yamaha 250 cc is likely also will carry a cylinder machine, not a 2-cylinder like the Kawasaki Ninja 250R.

Yamaha latest bike design was likely colored by sharp lines leading from the front of the head lamp, and then flows into the fairing which is also lined sharply to the stern. This design is impressive motor becomes more sporty and like to run fast.

But it does not explain when the motor is about to be born into the world and against the whiz-whiz pre-existing Japanese like Honda CBR250R and the Kawasaki Ninja 250R earlier.

source : detik.com

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