Jet Powered Motorcycle Review. A Rolls Royce Viper turbojet engines mounted on the body. This engine adds more power to 1,200 hp when the motor runs. So it's automatically you have a strong hold on fast could this motorhome. This motor is not officially registered as a motor of the world's most terdahsyat. Well suited for drag bike yes.

Here's the motor innards Mad Bike:
  • Rolls Royce turbojet MK.202 VIPER
  • Power 3800 horsepower and capable of adding power to 1200 horsepower when driving.
  • Water Flow up to 32,000 CFM
  • Pressure ratio reached 4.3: 1
  • Weight 290 Kg machine
  • Wheelbase of 3.4 meters
  • The frame or body with a handmade motorcycle front adopt Yamaha FJ 1200.
source : detik.com

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