Sora, Cafe Racer Electric Spec, Review And Photos. Technologically, this bike is recognized superb and sophisticated! Developed by a small group of people who loved motorcycles.

Lito is a mainstay technology of using a "fairing" or carbon fiber body armor. As for the frame is made of aluminum. As a result, this bike be light. Total weight, including batteries 240 kg.

Performance By relying on lithium-polymer battery is 12 kWh and an electric motor three-phase AC induction type, water cooled, Sora is claimed to be accelerated to reach a maximum speed of 200 km / hour. If the battery is fully charged, (dicas 8 hours), can make tracing the road 300 km.

Electric motor power output is not mentioned. However, the torque can be obtained from 0 - 6,000 rpm, the wheel can reach 960 Nm. Engine power is transferred through a CVT transmission. The result is the ability to move resources more efficiently. However, Lito has not mentioned the ability to sprint this motorcycle.

Auto Seat As a sport bike for the style, both within the city or rushed out of town, interesting features of this motor is the height or position that can be set. Amazingly, the adjustment can be done while you raced, just by pressing a button. As a result, saddle height can be changed from 750 mm to 850 mm or vice versa.

It took two years for Lito to develop this motorcycle. Described, to be adopted suspension components that are typically used by superbike.Untuk control the work of this motorcycle, Lito design your own computer. For this problem Lito including great. Sora is equipped with a built-in GPS with 5.7-inch screen. The application of these companies can be moved kekomputer GPS from the computer via USB.

To mengisisi battery, owner's residence plugging the plug into a power outlet that has been provided on this motorcycle. To slow down paired front and rear disc brakes. For the future, kalipernya have 4-piston while the rear two.

But that became much control, of course, price. The price is 42,399 Canadian dollars in Quebec or USD 380 million!

source : kompas.com

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