Classic Cars. Many people assume that the cars of old age that can be regarded as a classic car. Though there are several brands of cars that despite young age that deserved it holds predicate.

Secretary General of Indonesia Classic Car Owners Club (ICCOC) which is a community of classic car enthusiasts in Indonesia, Robert Daniel Suhardiman explained that not only the age-old classic car that deserves to be enjoyed, but also candidates classic cars in the future.

"We at ICCOC not only see an old classic car old. It is now the community has always assumed that the classic car that old car, but not always," he explained at the National Gallery on Thursday (14/04/2011).

"A lot of Classic Cars like the Maserati who had since birth we consider to be classic. So is a Ferrari, we assume that every Ferrari is out of the factory is a classic car. Or the Mercedes-Benz SLS, both the output and the output of the 60s 2011 we think is a classic. Likewise Porsche, "he added.

"The cars are the future classic," he said.

This exotic cars they think are the cars that have curves and technology will always be remembered by everyone and therefore would be a candidate for a classic car that would be maintained.

source : kompas.com

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