The Main Munction of The Tire Valve Cap. Protect from dust or water entering the valve can damage the valve. This makes the rubber material as the seal on the valve becomes brittle and can cause corrosion. If this damage occurs, the air inside the tire will come out slowly. As a result, the tire pressure decreases.

And if automobile owners rarely check tire pressure, the effect becomes more wasteful fuel consumption and tire to be easily damaged. Tire pressure that does not comply can lead to tire failure and lead to changes in the character of the stability of the car. So do not just kick it to check the air pressure.

Do check the air pressure in the tire by using the right way, use the right tool to determine the correct air pressure and keep it in a safe place.

Lack of air pressure in tires also affect the fuel consumption of a car. due to reduced air pressure, the resistance increases car. If the car will drive on the highway or will be loaded with the burden of many, should add up to 2-3 psi air pressure.
source : detik.com

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