Nissan Evalia Spec, Price and Review. In appearance, as seen from the photograph Evalia as road tests, a pair of fog lights to decorate the front bumper. Since the dimension is large enough, the MPV is equipped with a camera back.

For the interior, the dash close to Serena models. In the center, if there are two boxes on Serena place to store trinkets, then the Evalia to place the gear lever. At the top of the available head unit single-DIN AM / FM radio complete with a USB connector and Aux-in. Rear passengers entertained visual of 10-inch monitor attached to the roof to watch DVD movies that can be operated from the front. As a supporter of convenience, no AC holes up to the third row.

About the price, some dealers say between USD 17279,51 and USD 19439,45. There are 6 colors to choose from, dark metallic red, metallic silver, metallic blue green, solid black, solid white, and gray metallic. These vans were sold in three variants: standard, medium, and the top of the line.
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The Main Munction of The Tire Valve Cap. Protect from dust or water entering the valve can damage the valve. This makes the rubber material as the seal on the valve becomes brittle and can cause corrosion. If this damage occurs, the air inside the tire will come out slowly. As a result, the tire pressure decreases.

And if automobile owners rarely check tire pressure, the effect becomes more wasteful fuel consumption and tire to be easily damaged. Tire pressure that does not comply can lead to tire failure and lead to changes in the character of the stability of the car. So do not just kick it to check the air pressure.

Do check the air pressure in the tire by using the right way, use the right tool to determine the correct air pressure and keep it in a safe place.

Lack of air pressure in tires also affect the fuel consumption of a car. due to reduced air pressure, the resistance increases car. If the car will drive on the highway or will be loaded with the burden of many, should add up to 2-3 psi air pressure.
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New Honda Scoopy-i Spec, Price and Review. The motor giant Honda will not cease producing vehicles. Honda launched a motorcycle Scoopy-i. Scoopy change the overall figure. Form a wider seat, front-rear turn signal lights are now integrated in the body. Headlights, rear, speedometer also performed with the new design. In Thailand, Scoopy-i still equipped with a 108 cc engine capacity of the injection system.

Fasitas "helmet-in" is now offered in Honda Scoopy. Luggage under the seat can be to keep the helmet "full face". Honda also makes it more practical retro scooter. Ignition hole outlet has now been equipped with seat release button, just like the Vario Techno 125 and PCX.
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Vespa LX125 Spec, Price and Review. Vespa which will be marketed in India that is the Vespa LX125. Automatic scooter is equipped with a 124 cc engine, four-stroke is capable of producing 10.7 BHP at 9.6 Nm of torque. Vespa LX125 is offered with front disc brakes, a fresh design and other paraphernalia that make this scooter elegant.

Marik scooters are manufactured in factories in the Piaggio Barmati, Maharashtra. Piaggio announced plans over the next year will only be 1.5 units mamproduksi Vespa. And, will continue to develop its production in 2013. This is done Piaggio to see the Indian market first. Regarding prices, the Vespa LX125 is priced around USD
1227,63. For matters of color, the Vespa LX125 is available in three colors, dianataranya, Liquid Grey, Midnight Blue and Tuscany Brown. 
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Causes of Car Alternator damaged. Other triggers worn alternator, when crossing flooded with water levels appropriate to the position of the alternator (+ / - 50 cm) so that it can damage when active.

The signs began to soak alternator battery indicator light picture or writing 'CHG' lit. In addition to a voice from the alternator due to bearing that has begun to wear out. If not promptly replaced, the rotor and stator will come into contact, seizures, and finally burnt. If it's automatic burning unusable alias destroyed. Alternator only home that could be reused.

In order to prevent the number of parts replaced, as has been past his or popping sound strange, do get reproduction. That is, some of the main components in it should be replaced with new, including the voltage regulator and rectifier current (rectifire). While the coil, rotor and stator can still be used. Having replaced the alternator can be used at least 3 years with normal use.

 source : kompas.com
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