Opel Ampera Spec, Price and Review. Excellence is not limited driving range is the practicality of driving from Opel. As a reminder, this model is powered by an electric motor that delivers 111 kW/150 hp torque of 370 Newton meters.

Motor draws power from the battery 16-kWh, lithium-ion battery and can work using a gasoline engine. Combination package of two machines is sufficient to allow Ampera reach speeds of 161 km / h and accelerates from 0 to 60 mph with a range of nine seconds.

Once done filling hybrids, can travel about 500 kilometers with a full tank, the first 40 to 80 kilometers can be done in electric mode only. With Omo mode has a top speed of 161 km / hour. Ampera also able to travel a total of more than 500 kilometers with the help of a gasoline engine.

The car is equipped with six-meter long cable, to facilitate charging and stored in the trunk. Using a standard wall outlet 230V/16A, the owner can fully recharge the battery in less than four hours.

source : okezone.com
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masdani said... @ July 4, 2011 at 12:53 AM

nice car gan, luar biasa, berapa kira2 harga kurs rupiahnya, benar2 mantab, thx infonya, jd tau bnyak nih tentang boil hehe

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