Pontiac Deluxe Six ( Ghost Car ) Auctions. Created in 1939 by General Motors and chemical company Rohm & Haas with a price tag worth USD25.000, Plexiglas or Ghost Car Pontiac is transparent throughout the body's first car in America. Due to the transparent body of this car was called Plexible Pontiac or Ghost Car (ghost car).

Now that is set in such a way, the car deliberately created in the event 1930-1940 World's Fair in San Francisco is set to take as much when it goes up for auction USD475.000.

This model has a three-speed transmission, six-cylinder engine, coil spring independent front suspension, rear axle with semi-elliptic springs and hydraulic brakes on four wheels.

However, cars that have traveled as much as 86 miles or 138.403 km bermungkinan is no return to the streets. And only good to be on display.
source : okezone.com

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