Oil Filling Good and True To Your Vehicle. In car and motorcycle engines provided a tool to measure the capacity of existing oil in the engine, often called a dipstick Oil. On Oil dipstick is no indication High / Full and Low / Add.

In the picture above is explained that if the height of the oil is between maximum and minimum limits, then the capacity of oil in the engine can be said to be in NORMAL conditions.

If excessive, immediately reduced (discharged through the Oil Drain). If not, immediately added to the oil the same kind as the oil that is in the machine.

Not justified to fill the oil exceeds the maximum limit because If the excess oil capacity, then the rotation of the crankshaft / crankshaft will touch the existing pool of oil in the crankcase tub, making a foamy oil which contains the air / gas. This can lead to more rapid oil heat / overheat, oxidize and lose oil pressure (loss of oil pressure).

Difficult for oil foaming at the pump by the oil pump so the engine components are supposed to get lubrication to dry, and will be damaged / jammed.

In addition, foaming oil will make excessive gas pressure inside the engine room, so that through the circulation path (PCV) would be encouraged (blow-by gas) into the air filter. Usually the air filter becomes wet oil.

Motor with a carburetor, it will be found a thin layer of oil, more severe will clog the lanes and the needle valve (float valve) in the carburetor. Air pressure of the foaming oil, is also seeping out through the seal-seal in the engine.In the engine, charging excessive oil also disrupts the clutch plate (clutch).

Because the clutch plate to be submerged oil, resulting in too much oil that soaks into the clutch plate and the Slip. Normally, the oil will be thrown off by itself by rotation clutch plate (clutch) is. If the clutch plates slip, then it will reduce the shelf life, loss of energy and waste gasoline.

Motorcycle engine oil arguably more complicated specifications and characteristics than the car engine oil. Oil on a car engine is designed to lubricate Bushing and Bearings and piston movement only.

So in a car engine, it takes the oil slick and capable of making a thin layer to lubricate the components of the rub was. Generally, car engine oil additive added-Friction Modifiers to minimize friction.

Consequently if the oil slick had been used in engines for motor bike course that uses a wet clutch (wet clutch), will make the clutch slip due to be slippery.

So, wet clutch motorcycle engines require oil that is not slippery so that the clutch can remain 'bite', do not lose power. In other words, the motor engine oil, there should be no Friction Modifiers (According to the JASO MA standard), or there is little Friction Modifiers (According to Standard JASO MB).

Viscosity (keenceran) Oli will be damaged by the gear. Generally, transmission gears engine integrates with the engine itself, so the oil will wet the gears earlier. For that motor oil is designed to withstand the 'squeeze' the transmission gear wheels so that the viscosity is not damaged.
source : detik.com
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