Comparison of the light beam HID vs. Halogen Lamp. HID lamps have seen a bright light.

Hope to get a brighter light and helps our eyesight at night is a good goal. But unfortunately not all the headlights are still using Halogen lamps, can simply be replaced with HID lamps.

It depends on the design and production quality Reflector Lamps (accuracy) HID lamp itself. As a result of the installation is not perfect makes light of HID lamps will look to spread and blinding.

In normal conditions, light bulbs Low Beam will highlight to the bottom, with a height limit of light (cut off) so as not to dazzle drivers who are dealing with it. Here are examples of Low Beam headlights of different brands / types of cars. Clearly visible light height limit (cut off) from the Low Beam. Another rider in front will not be distracted by the glare of lights.

If the HID Lamp Reflector Lamp not fit in the car, or installation is not correct, then the beams would like this Low Beam.
source : detik.com

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