Peugeot RCZ Spec, Price and Review. Peugeot RCZ athletic and elegant. Aerodynamic system offers a new experience in driving. While the combination of the roof of his car double-bubble formed and the rear glass and two aluminum arches give the impression of a distinctive logo of the manufacturer of this lion.

The combination of headlights that are characteristic of Peugeot cars. 18-inch alloy wheels for Sport models and 19 inches for a premium model. Active rear spoiler and unique rear combination lamps combined with a ruby crystal.

Meanwhile, to display the interior, this puts RCZ car driver in an atmosphere of luxury and high tech. Just as luxury cars, RCZ certainly not miss with the Bluetooth application and audio connectors.

RCZ machine is equipped with an efficient engine with torque and power output are large, but economical with low CO2 emissions and meets Euro 5 standards. And RCZ into Indonesia using a machine EP6CDT Turbo, 16 Valve, VVT, VVL capacity of 1598 cc. And power output can reach 156hp/5800 Nm/1400 rpm with torque 240 rpm.
source : okezone.com

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