Cars Lights That No Blinding. What makes the car light into a dazzling other motorists in front of him?

Low Beam and High Beam

Lamp vehicle (car / bike / bus / truck / etc) normally has two functions, namely the Low Beam to be used at night, and High Beam is used to highlight further ahead.

At Low Beam work function, the light beam is designed to not hit the driver's eyes are facing him. So it looks right side would be shorter sorotannya, to the left side is longer and extends to the edge.

At Hi Beam work functions, beam lights are designed to highlight further ahead. At Hi Beam is turned on, the driver must have the opposite would glare, because the lights will directly lead to the eye.

Why was the car light can be blinding other motorists who are dealing with it? 
This is because the position of the point of light (an incandescent filament wire) is not in the right position on the reflector. If the lights on reflektornya installed properly, then the light will be highlighted well, too, does not spread anywhere (glare) which makes a dazzling look. In the picture below shows the limit of light (cut off) does not highlight the car facing the driver's eyes.

If the point of light is not positioned correctly on the reflector, will make the light reflecting off everywhere (diffuse light), this makes the lights look dazzling. In the picture below shows the car facing the driver will experience glare.
source : detik.com

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