Wireless Battery Charging System Volvo. Volvo developed a wireless charging, in collaboration with Belgium's Flanders Drive - is the induction system. With this system, the source of electrical energy transferred from the charger to the car without cables. In this way also, any change or modification to the charging system in the car.

How it Works
Inductive charging, the charger plate is planted in the ground, for example beneath the surface of the road to the house or in the garage. Plate filler consists of coils that generate magnetic fields when energized by electrical current.

When the car was parked on it, the energy of the plate was transferred to without physical contact to coil "puller" induction on the car. Flow transferred in the form of alternating current (AC).

Later in the car, an electric current is converted into direct current (DC) through a converter to charge the battery. Especially on the Volvo C30 Electric, battery capacity to 24 kWh, it takes about 1 hour one hour and 20 minutes for full charge.
source : kompas.com
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