Black Glasses Can Phone's, Check This Out. Unique accessories for your car or motorcycle users who want to style. These sunglasses are not ordinary sunglasses, but the glasses that have been embedded bluetoooth technology. Teleponan in the car even more secure.

These glasses are called 'Bone conduction sunglasses', can make and receive phone calls. 2 tiny integrated speakers capable of making a sound as good as most cell phone speakers. Stay interesting speaker wires at the edge of the frame.

The unique lens of this one is that you do not need to rely loud sound. Because mic utilizing vibration nose when you make a sound, with sound that you can already clearly captured by the mic that lies between the buffer glasses. Hence its name sunglasses bone conduction.

There are 2 glass as a reserve that is yellow and silver. So if you get bored with black glass, you can simply use a backup mirror. Fun again not only be used when driving, when you to the beach or to the mall these glasses are also highly qualified. These glasses are sold Rp 1.5 million for goods that are relatively new in Indonesia.
source : detik.com

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