"Charger" for Bikers, Check This Out. When driving on the bike, no worries for running out of batteries for mobile phones, iPods, mini radio or GPS. Live plug the cable into one of your gadgets and move on.

Dimesi tool is similar to the output of Apple iPhone mobile phone, so portable. Equipped with solar panels from Brunton is able to capture light energy and convert it into electricity. Stay plugging in the cable connection from the equipment into gadgets that lowbat, then immediately replenished.

To use the Ultra-SOL need additional tools such mechanical holder mounted on the handlebar or odometer. One thing that is most important, make sure its solar panels facing up with a good catch sunlight. This product is manufactured in the United States at a price 250-280 dollars (Rp2, 1 million-2, 4 million).
source : kompas.com

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