Toyota's Reputation Crisis. According to data reported by consultancy Prophet, the level of customer satisfaction with Toyota declined to order 139 in this year than ever before in the order of 18 years ago.

These results involving 4900 U.S. respondents surveyed from about 145 brands from 500 companies in 18 different sectors.

While the results of customer satisfaction research on the brand new BMW and Honda mandapatkan two brands ranked the top 50. Meanwhile, U.S. consumer satisfaction against Ford managed to bring home U.S. automakers were ranked 60 of the order of 72 in 2010.

Meanwhile, rival Ford, General Motors proved to rise, though still under Ford. GM is ranked 85 in this year from 123 in one year ago.

Rising consumer confidence in the U.S. against GM cars because these manufacturers senantiasi produce environmentally friendly cars like the Chevy Volt. This is encouraged because the manufacturers have the intention to improve the quality and reliability of every product.
source : detik.com
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