Toyota Lexus LF-Gh Spec. Toyota, Lexus, will show the newest concept LF-Gh in New York cast cars that will take place from 22 April and 1 May (for reporters April 20 to 21). LF-Gh, which stands for Grand Touring Future Lexus Hybrid will be the replacement model which is the Lexus GS sport.

Based on the dimensions of which was released by Lexus, LF-Gh dimensin greater than GS. Place 40 meters longer, 50 mm and 20 mm more elbar higher. Dimensions: length 4890 mm​​, width 1870 mm, height 1450 mm and 2850 mm wheelbase. Therefore also in the United States are categorized as medium sedan.

Lexus released the first photo shows the appearance of a premium car is different to other Lexus models. Even according to Kengo Matsumoto, GM Division, Toyota Lexus LF-Desan Gh explain the latest concept hybrid sedan is a contradiction.

"To this the Lexus designers to study characteristics. In its implementation is not easy to unify the concept, even frequent shelf debate, differences of opinion and taste. The concept finally is showing a balance between performance and functional strength of the car, "he commented.

Big Gril
But certainly, a new feature of the Lexus is a large front grille from top to bottom and front lamp LED type which consists of several parts. The combination of sport and style of today is described by the Lexus as a unique appearance.

As a touring car, the front grille berbebentuk slim waist is also used to form the air channel for brake cooling, improved aerodynamics. It is said also, this grille design will become a symbol of Lexus performance in the future.

As an environmentally friendly sports car, well informed, is a rear wheel driving system. The back will also be equipped with a diffuser to solidify its status as a great premium touring car!

source : kompas.com
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