Car Racing GT3 McLaren MP4-12C Review. McLaren MP4-12C itself is GT3 racing version of the McLaren MP4-12C is intended to fight the Ferrari 458 Challenge is also a racing version of Ferrari 458.

McLaren MP4-12C GT3 is a race car that would become the successor to the McLaren F1 GTR to be prepared for 2012. In the next year, plans to follow-McLaren McLaren MP4-12C include GT3 to different races.

Previous McLaren MP4-12C has a power of 592 bhp, but the ability is reduced by McLaren to only 493 bhp. McLaren argued with that much power, McLaren MP4-12C can be more easily controlled, energy can be managed properly.

Moreover, if the road version rayanya using dual-clutch transmission with seven acceleration, then in his racing car version is released with a six-speed sequential transmission. Weight racing version was also 80 kg lighter than the version of the highway.

While on the outside there are some significant changes such as a large rear spoiler applications, a new front splitter and large rear diffuser and front fenders that have a design for better air flow.
source : detik.com
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