Famous movie star Steve McQueen was known as the enthusiast engine. Now one of the mount, Porsche 911 is ready to enter the auction.

Porsche 911 owned by Steve McQueen is not an ordinary car. Because of this sports car is a ride when he starred Steve McQueen film Le Mans in 1971.

In addition to being Steve McQueen ride when shooting, the car alerts in 1970 were then entered the garage Steve McQueen and a private collection in California.

Porsche 911S will be auctioned at next summer by RM Auctions in excellent condition. All devices in the car is said to be still genuine and complete like new out of the factory.

"Nothing is more iconic racing movie of Le Mans and no owner is more charismatic than many big names in the world of sports than Steve McQueen," said Rob Myers, the chairman and founder of RM Auctions as detikOto quotes from the Telegraph, Friday (18 / 3 / 2011).

"We are pleased to have been chosen to present this iconic car in the upcoming sale in Monterey. Combining well-documented history interesting and wide-screen celebrities, it will make a valuable addition to any car collection of famous,"

source : detik.com

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