India has kicked off the world with the world's cheapest car Tata Nano, launched in January 2008. Now, the second breakthrough came from a motorcycle again prepared TVS Motor Company at a price 30 000 real or Rp5, 8 million per unit and the cheapest among the models TVS.

Indeed, the TVS motorcycle itself has not claimed it as the cheapest. But, in terms of pricing models and in particular that would target the segment below, this may be the most inexpensive vehicle. Perhaps, this vehicle will be marketed mid-2012.

While the product is the cheapest TVS Star Sport 100cc 4-stroke engine with a price of 36,000 real or Rp7 million per unit. Apparently, the same engine platform remains the mainstay of TVS (100cc) with the development of body shape design innovation. As a result, will show the future direction of marketing TVS, what urban or rural communities.

TVS looked aggressive in the domestic motorcycle market because it did not want to lose the position as the third largest motorcycle manufacturer in India under the Hero-Honda and Bajaj. Last month alone, TVS says it wants to turn the electric motorcycle segment in India. Is this going to succeed TVS ambition!

source : kompas.com

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