Vibrant city car market again with the birth of Brio Honda in Thailand. In the land of the White Elephant, Honda Brio dibanderol start 399900-508500 baht or approximately USD 115.8 million up to Rp 147 million.

The question is will the tiny car that entered the Indonesian automotive market. Because Honda Brio priced quite cheap in Thailand. As reported by Honda site on Friday (3/18/2011) Japanese car manufacturer is very confident Brio able to sell as many as 40,000 per year in Thailand.

When asked for his response about Brio, Director of Marketing and Sales Service of PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) Jonfis Fandy said Honda Indonesia seemed interested in the car. Because in terms of concept, the car is very competitive, but when entered into the ground water is not yet clear.

"It'll be notified when it's accurate,"said Jonfis when contacted on Friday (18/03/2011).

Honda Brio born with engine capacity of 1.2-liter 4-cylinder i-VTEC engine with 90 hp power. Its fuel consumption up to 5 liters for 100 km or 1:20. Emissions are in accordance with Euro4 standards.

But that still be a problem HPM is a fair price for Brio in RI. Jonfis was reluctant to comment on the price issue Brio if Indonesia will enter the car market.

You see, in Thailand Honda Brio get incentives from the Thai government for including car eco car. While the Indonesian government is not in that direction.

Well, what do you think. What is a reasonable price to Brio if Honda actually release the car to Indonesia?

As a comparison only if other ecocar car Nissan March in Bangkok which cost Rp 109 million, so get into ground water price goes up to Rp 32 million to begin to Rp 141 million, whether Brio will be in the range of increase in the same?

source : detik.com

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