Tips on Caring for the Radiator Water. Radiator water changed color to muddy contained in your vehicle is not a big problem.  Because it is influenced  by the manufacture of  your engine.

Materials car engine blocks there are two kinds, one is using cast iron and aluminum. Old and older vehicles and diesel was typically use cast iron, and this is the cause of discolored water in the radiator because the hot water turns cold quickly, but this is normal and not a scary thing.

If the aluminum it will not be colored, but it's actually the same color with plain water and difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. simple tips for your Radiator can be more durable and remain good.
  • Coolant water use of the original and in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Make sure the radiator water is never empty, because this can damage the cells of the radiator.
  • Make sure the wasp nest remains always clean from dirt and dust. In order for the incoming air circulation remains good.
  • When it is clogged clean it manually does not use chemical drugs. Because the chemical drugs can not penetrate the mud and dirt. Way, off in full, insert it into the tub larger than your radiator, then wash. But if you have doubts submitted to an expert.
  • Believe in the engine temperature indicator contained in your car. If turbid water radiator but the indicator does not say no problem, then no problem on the radiator.
source : detik.com

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