New Honda CB Dazzler Deluxe (Mega Pro) Spec, Price and Review. Nothing is different from the specification with changes only to the design grafisdan color. There is also a  choice of upholstery colors, new mirror, on the  handlebar vibration damper, which is a digital instrument panel and brake discs  at either the front or  the rear brake.

This motor has a capacity of 149.1 cc engine, 2 valve SOHC engine, capable of producing 14 BHP and a maximum torque of 13.1 Nm. The weight of 137kg bike, with engine capacity and light weight, making the Honda CB Dazzler Deluxe had a convincing performance.

Honda CB Dazzler Deluxe was released at a price of Rs 66 198 or USD 1241,84. While a standard type of USD 1220,24.

source : okezone.com
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