Tips Fuel Saving When Loss. Wherever possible we avoid the occurrence of the Stop and Go. It is hard to escape from reality. But there are a few tips that can help save fuel our vehicles.

1. Always Fuel Consumption Monitor 
Each filling petrol tank full, we can reset the tripmeter at the dashboard so that measured how much fuel consumption. Does this week's extravagant or more efficient? and so on.

2. Hit the Brake Pedal Only necessary 

Take advantage of sliding style of car / motorcycle until required to stop before we stepped on the brake pedal. It is quite helpful to save fuel, because when the vehicle in front that had been stopped, then the road, we are not to stop completely, so that the machine is not too heavy to push the car / motorcycle air acceleration.

3. Always alert
we are always alert to conditions around our vehicles to avoid accidents. Obey traffic signs including traffic lights. Keasikan glide, to run a red light, can be fatal.

4. As if Up Bicycle
When going through an incline, increase speed as much as possible, while on a hill, let the car / motorcycle drove up to slow the speed will be reduced, if necessary, then press the gas again to complete the route climbs. In this way, reduce fuel consumption because the machines are not forced to push the car with a heavier load conditions (ramp).

5. Vehicle condition that Prima
Proper tire pressure, engine Tune-Up is always at regular intervals, using gasoline with the octane rating according to the needs of the engine, helping conserve fuel consumption.

6. Travel Route Plan
Routes Travel Plan needs to be done especially if we are going to travel to several places. Also determine which path to be traversed, to choose the path that is not jammed.

7. Plan Time Travel
Traveling at a crowded time, eg hours away and home offices will increase the likelihood we are dealing with traffic jams and stop and go.

8. Glass Closed Door Meeting
With the glass door shut, will reduce wind resistance during the car moving / sliding, thereby reducing the workload of the machine.

9. Leave Unnecessary Items
Reduce vehicle weight by leaving the items that are not necessary in the trunk of a car.

10. Smooth acceleration
Accelerate slowly / subtle (indirect gaspol let alone to spin / burnout)

12. Select Vehicle Fuel Saver
If you plan to buy a car / bike, choose a fuel efficient and adjust as needed.

13. Always Emissions Test
Do not forget to always Emission Test, and set up to obtain the best result of emissions, namely CO values​​: 1% -1.4% and the value of Lambda 1000-1050 for optimum results.
source : detik.com

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