Differences Kijang Innova New and Old :
Beyond the physical change is that the front grille (radiators). In the new Innova, grille design is similar to that used in the Hilux and Fortuner, horizontal lines with the central part is wider. There are also changes in the headlamps, fog lamps (now using the rounded lights), and lower bumper grille (trapezoidal shrink up or reverse the old). Barrier grille and headlights are now also greater.

To the rear, the lights had changed little. Although similar to the old shape, color composition was changed. If the old, upper and lower red and white, now red, white, and red.

Changes to the interior on the center console, steering wheel, and color, motif upholstery and door trim. As for changing the audio and AC controls depending on the type.

Type V, the most luxurious, using the steering wheel with a radius of four wood pattern on top after the switch plus audio and silver ornaments on the sides. The design of the steering wheel on the same type of G with E, there is a key regulator of the audio, but no wood layer and a layer of silver on the outside. Both models use a steering wheel bolt three, but the radius is greater than the old Kijang Innova.

The machine is not tampered. Based on the data provided, the power generated long Innova petrol engine remains the same as those marketed now. Likewise with 2KD-FTV diesel engines, power output and torque of 136 PS@5.600rpm 18.6 kg-m@4.000rpm (for automatic transmission). As for the manual transmission with a torque of 102 PS@3.600rpm kg-m@1.400-3.200 20.4 rpm.

Thus, 2.5-liter diesel engine common rail plus a turbocharger is not equipped with a feature variable nozzle turbo (VNT), as applied to the Hilux and Fortuner. 
source : kompas.com
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