BMW K1600R Motorcycle Spec and Review. BMW K1600R was first shown in the Concept 6 is carrying the 6-cylinder engine. Various parties to support this R version K1600GT effective to replace the role K1300R with price £16,850.00.

When the Concept 6 displayed two years ago the designer David Robb wants his model into the production stage, but no plan was built at that time. Looks like this bike concept successfully provoke a response and directs potential customers as a future model.

From the side view, K1600R looks very aggressive. The impression was emitted from the front cover of rampin and taper combined with a fairing that integrates with the tank. Display increasingly fierce with three holes designed sewer line.

The legs seem sturdy with gambot suspension system and braking system are qualified. Seen in the picture on the back using monoarm to sustain monoshock. The design resembles a child's wheels make the look more casual fan.
source : okezone.com
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