Battery Saving Tips Motor. These tips for a motor that has a kick starter system (crank).

1. The first thing to note is that the liquid surface must stay between the lines on the surface of the bottom surface with a line or a check every two months.

2. Avoid modifying the flow of electric batteries. Connecting cables to the battery incorrectly causing electrical power quickly drains. Especially when the battery charging system problem.

3. Although the electric starter motor pinned, whenever possible you use the kick starter (crank) to turn on the engine. This is usually done in the morning when they wanted to move. The use of the kick starter in the morning was quite significantly save battery life battery.

4. Another powerful way to save battery is to note the distance between the motor bike use and do not use motors. Usually the user randomly uses motor bike.

Hence in this case we need to carefully. You should use a crank starter when the motor is not used within 8-12 hours. Meanwhile, if the motor is not used in a short time (5-7 hours), you can take advantage of eletrik starter.

Tips proved excellent for use of the motor battery. At least, can save battery liquid motor 3-4 years.
source : detik.com

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