World's Worst Lamborghini With Photos,Check It Out. The owner who came from Kunming, Yunnan province, China, the Nissan Cefiro A31 convert her into a car in 1995 that resembles Aventador. Besides using a plate with a rigid forms as a body, it also increases engine power.

Nissan Cefiro was originally 2,000 cc 6-cylinder engine plus a turbocharger. Workers also upgraded the original 200 HP to 400 HP. The result, not bad. This sports car finally "imitate" qualified manpower style sports car, although still far from the original version of Aventador which reached 700 HP.

Men are also business owners hair shaving was admitted to cost 90,000 yuan (13,851 U.S. dollars), equivalent to Rp 118 million. The cost was apparently not including glass windows, lights, and paint your own because it can see if all was not in the car.
source : kompas.com
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