Cash Back Bagi Pemilik Juke AWD. Nissan Juke market in the United States in two models, namely the front wheel (front wheel drive) and motion all-wheel drive (all-wheel drive). It said that both models have the same gas tank capacity 13.2 gallons or 50 liters. In fact, for the all-wheel drive is actually smaller, only 11.6 gallons (44 liters).

After some time, Nissan was aware of and correct errors. Cuma, recorded 4000 consumers had already purchased Juke and think tanks have the same capacity with front-wheel drive variants.

Finally, Nissan provided a kind of compensation costs for all consumers Juke who feel disadvantaged because of this misinformation. Each customer is given cash-back money worth 400 U.S. dollars (Rp3, 4 million).
source : kompas.com
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