Volkswagen Aqua Review With Video. Dubbed Volkswagen Aqua, the vehicle that you can see in the adjacent images and video is a futuristic hovercraft concept that has been shortlisted in the CDN Car Design Awards China.

The Aqua - the designation comes from an important WuXing element - provides seating for two and uses more than one engine. The primary motor, which is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, is used to drive the main fan which inflates the skirt around the vehicle and raises the Aqua just above the ground. The fans at the rear of the vehicle are powered by individual electric motors to provide forward thrust and directional control.

The styling of the Volkswagen Aqua is extremely clean and simple. There's very little clutter to the lines, except perhaps at the rear due to the quartet of fans. The interior has room for two people, and features a similar minimalist vibe as the exterior.

source : autoevolution.com
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