Husqvarna SMR 511 Spec And Review. Husqvarna SMR 511 weighs quite radical, only 118 kg. Even so the price offered is relatively expensive, approximately 7299 pounds, or about Rp103 million.

For the foot-leg, front suspension uses shock that can be set from Marzocchi with a size of 50 mm. While the back of the absorbers using Sach hardness that can be adjusted so as to provide the size of 290 mm ​​on the 'rear wheel travel. "

SMR 511 comes one step more sophisticated because it has Coaxial Traction System (CTS), which serves to control the rear wheel traction to enhance comfort while driving.

While using Brembro braking system with four piston caliper hydraulic controls. For 320 mm disc cakramnya in front and 240 behind. Views increasingly ciamik with 120/70 front tire 150/60 rear ring 17 and ring 17.

For machinery, SMR511 single cylinder engine equipped with four-valve, double back and cooled water. Machines with this injection system has a capacity of 478 cc.

source : okezone.com
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