Vespa TAP 56 with Bazooka, interested?. This is a Vespa motor model 56 registered TAP-made January 10, 1956. This motor is not like other Vespa Vespa-usually only used as a relaxed and stylish vehicles.

For this 56 Vespa TAP fought in the battle in France. Now the motor is in Portugal and auctioned on eBay UK auction site.

If you want to have a bike bearing the various tools of war that this war, the salesman who came from Portugal is requesting funding up to 19,800 pounds, or approximately USD 282.75 million.

For that, the motor that has a 150 cc engine was also equipped with various weapons. 75 mm recoilless rifle M20 was girded.

When fighting, the French air force troops would remove the two scooters. For the war in Algeria alone recorded about 800 Vespa war lowered. In a battle situation, this Vespa will be climbed by two soldiers. A motor control, one more direct weapons.

Bazooka in the motor is capable of penetrating 100 mm thick steel layer. Therefore, four-wheel vehicles are prey to their enemies.
source : detik.com

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