Planes Join With Motor ?. Henrik Toth, owner of the motorcycle reportedly liked to smell things that Americans, particularly the old motorcycle. Hence, one of three motorcycles he built the motor is approaching the design of the legendary American Indian origin and has stopped production since long. On the other hand, look like a Harley Davidson motorcycle also WLA (1942). But frankly, this is a modern motorcycle made ​​in Japan, Yamaha Warrior.

Seeking original form on the Yamaha Warrior motorcycle Henrik indeed difficult, but if you look at the engine. Even the tank is made ​​a la "roundtank" handle bar complete with a "breadth". Sepatbor follow the green motor priming military. Stroke-like animal guratannya anteater, and the impression it is increasingly felt when we look back sepatbor made ​​too large. I do not know what he meant.

Meanwhile, some parts are custom made​​, like the package front wheel shock absorbers, headlights, to place a shovel and a box store the baggage that really "box" and stiff reads "ARMY". Placement of gas tank next to the train wheel side is also interesting to note.

Switch to a fighter, here's an interesting. This trailer is a replica of the aircraft Grumman F4F Wildcat (1940) version of bonsai. The fun, the passenger can sit there quietly, though narrow, and no rain because details are still attached to the aircraft door and a slide-sliding for access in and out. The propeller in front of it was connected to the motor so that the chain will go to move when the motor runs.

This motor also has two military logo, a U.S. air force in the stern, another German in the form of small plane near the cockpit. So, this bike engined Japanese, American-boned with a little touch of German and Hungarian origin ridden a biker.
source : kompas.com

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