Muffler Suzuki Hayabusa RT-5 Spec,Price And Review. RT-5 pipes essentially made ​​of stainless steel and carbon fiber and stainless steel and titanium pipes sold at USD1.095. Currently knnalpot was sold for USD800. RT-5 is also available in stainless steel and aluminum with a value of USD845 and will be sold for USD650, 00.

In addition to RT-5 for GSX1300R, Jardine offers a product-GP Slip-on dual exhaust. This is a dual exhaust made ​​of stainless steel. GP-1 includes a silencer but does not have a muffler. This allows consumers could be more flexibility to adjust pipaa to get the perfect sound. The GP1 Slip priced at USD416.

The Suzuki Hayabusa (or GSX1300R) was first introduced in 1999 and quickly gained acclaim as the fastest production motorcycle in the world. Peak speed of 188-194 mph (303-312 km / h). Hayabusa latest version has a variant of four-stroke 1340 cc (82 cu in), inline four, 16 valve engine that produces 197 hp at 10,100 rpm and 102 lb-ft (138 Nm) of torque at 7600 rpm.

Price Jardine Exhaust Suzuki GSX1300R 2008/2011
RT-5 Slip-On Exhaust: S / S & P Carbon Fiber / N: 19-4019-323-02 MSRP: USD1.095
RT-5 Slip-On Exhaust: Titanium S S & P / N: 19-4019-423-02 MSRP: USD1.095
RT-5 Slip-On Exhaust: S / S & P Aluminum / N: 19-4019-123-02 MSRP: USD845
GP-1 Slip-On Dual Exhaust: S / S (without mufflers) PN: 18-4019-723-02 MSRP: USD416, 00
source : okezone.com

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