BMW M5 Touring Review,Check It Out!. BMW M5 increasingly enhanced by the presence of the newer variants, F11 M5 touring / wagon. M5 wagon that can seat a lot of stuff with sememukau drift-car performance. Sedan latest version that will be coming soon, will offer products that are also stunning with Wild-Speed ​​design work graphic designer BimmerBoost, F11 M5 Touring.

F11 M5 Touring In this, the rider can get anything you want, such as the four exhaust tips, black wide-rim design with five bars and the back big enough to put the items you want.

Reasonable sedan, M5 Touring supported twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 with a power of up to 560 hp that will be juxtaposed with a double clutch transmission system 7-acceleration.
source : okezone.com

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