Motor combination of MotoGP and F1 Review. Honda Sabre Concept Switchblade was created by Edward Birtulescu from Honda R & D America, which took inspiration from the design of a motorcycle and car in Moto GP and Formula One.

Switchblade Sabre Basic Concept Honda is a Honda Sabre cruiser alert in 2010 that has been overhauled to become a new form.

It can be seen in almost all lines of motorcycle drag-racing to take the concept of this. Honda Sabre Switchblade Chassis Concept is made ​​new with a curved tank and seat single seater.

Moreover, this motor calipers also been used calipers commonly used in the racing arena. Motorcycle carrying VT 1300 cc engine is also more obvious thanks to the GPS application that can be used as a lap-timer.

The weight of this motor is decreased thanks to the application of carbon fiber in some parts of his body. Even the carbon fiber rim is also applied at the motor. This is not usually done because usually the use of alloy rims.
source : detik.com

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