Chrysler 300 is one of the most popular car in America, is also among the modifiers. No wonder, when a production sedan at the Detroit-based manufacturer is made ​​custom to the flow of flat and if in Amerik called low rider.

Chrysler 300 which is called FatChance 2.0 superceper none other familiar names were taken from the modifier John Fortuño. This car will enliven the Annual Spring Festival LXs in California.

FatChance 2.0 300 has a prominent display on the exterior with body painted white. In addition to flat, the front of the modified model including the main light dark. Gril modified patterned lattice rather go into.

The figure of 2.0 FatChance Chrysler 300 looks more contrast combined with a combination of black and contained around the grille, mirrors, bumpers and logo lining.

All four wheels using R22 wheels wrapped in 255/30 size tires front and 295/25 rear. Unfortunately no mention, if all four legs equipped with air suspension.

source : kompas.com

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