Hyundai Genesis Prada Spec, Review And Price. Hyundai targets to sell 1200 units of sedan Genesis Prada throughout South Korea in the coming months. Furthermore, several hundred units will be exported to the Middle East and China.

For the price estimated 79 million won or about USD 613 shock, 20 percent more expensive than standard Genesis. This luxury car using Tau 5.0 GDI engine, a V8 that produces 460 PS power.

Because the price is more expensive, the interior is more luxurious Genesis Prada made ​​by using higher-quality leather, which is "saffiano" Prada. Front grille and door handles are also given a layer of dark chrome, palladium-plated buckle similar to the Prada handbag. While the plastic lid of the machine, are colored red.
source : kompas.com

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