Goodwood Motorcycle From Fred Krugger Review. Goodwood motor made ​​by Fred Krugger body shape is like alloy motor "Stream Liner" which is actually old Ducati flavorful Italian, forms engine "V"-style American motorcycles, and futuristic style of Japanese motorcycles. Design is so global!

Interesting is the existence of a funnel of air (air intake), which paired near the gas tank like a periscope on a submarine. Regarding its function, it seems that design is not very supportive side of vehicle aerodynamics as usual. However, it complements other forms of interest on this bike.

Views can be so because the use of the carburetor so the engine can hang a little bike ride and allows the body lie down. Plainly, a short shock absorbers front and rear suspension with almost zero degree angle or parallel to the machine.

Installation of retaining aft passenger seats, shields, aerodynamics, and the wheels with size 120/70 19-inch alloy wheels (front) and 180/55 18-inch alloy wheels (rear). Yes, front wheels appear larger, but more slender, typical American chooper motor.

Motor modifier of Belgium was originally filmed using Buell XBR 985 cc engine and almost in all parts are made ​​and specific results from Krugger, except the skeleton, flywheels, pistons, cylinder, and transmission are all still the original default.
source : kompas.com

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