Honda Beat VS Spacy,Check This Out! Honda has just issued a new scooter named spacy disposed between USD 11.75 million to USD 12.55 million. This price is equal to the selling price set for Honda BEAT.

Currently the price on the road in Jakarta for the Honda Beat and spacy equally disposed between USD 11.75 million for the motor berpelek fingers up to USD 12.55 million for the rim bars. Dengaan same price, there are concerns that the two models are not mutually support each other but instead stabbed.

Although price is the same, segments and segment spacy BEAT is different. BEAT will remain a leader in the scooter class, and spacy will help Honda continued to rule the scooter segment Indonesia.

Honda spacy Helmets In itself has a modern body with the advantages of elegant spaciousness baggage that could accommodate a full-face helmet because it has a total capacity of up to 18 liters. Luggage capacity is the largest motorcycle market in Indonesia. While BEAT rely on aerodynamic body agile.

But despite these two motors have different body desan, both still use the same platform with 110 cc engine which is also the same.
source : detik.com

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