Flavio Briatore sell Jaguar XJ 220, Spec And Review. Briatore sell one of his collection, Jaguar XJ 220, also known as the man who this entrepreneur took off his collection, Jaguar XJ 220. This car is not just any car. Because Jaguar XJ 220 is one of the British supercar that never listed themselves as the fastest car in the world.

Jaguar Sport and holds the record for highest top speed of a production car (350 km per hour) until the arrival of the McLaren F1 in 1994.

Jaguar is currently sold by Briatore itself is still in excellent condition and only used as far as 22,000 km.
When you first appeared in 1989, this car has been released with a very high price which reached 361,000 pounds with a down payment at 50,000 pounds to be paid to enter a list of subscribers.

Besides malignant when driving, Jaguar XJ 220 is also up to now known as the most wide Jaguar ever built with a width of 213 cm. 

source : detik.com

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