Jaguar luxury car manufacturers ready to produce a new sedan that will be younger than the Jaguar XF. The car is expected to be a cheap Jaguar sedan since the plan will only be released with a price of USD 393.8 million.

Global Brand Director, Jaguar, Adrian Hallmark as detikOto quotes from Autocar, Tuesday (05/04/2011) says that the premium car market below the price of 30 thousand ponds (USD 422 million) amount to 4 times higher than the premium car market above that price.

This of course makes the Jaguar tempted to go play there.

According to people in the company, the new car will be sized slightly smaller than the XF sedan, but still large enough to carry 5 adults as passengers.

As for the driving system, the possibility of new cars this Jaguar will implement all-wheel-drive system drives are increasingly popular in many countries especially the United States.

That way, the Jaguars expect to be able to spread its wings in various countries and will also increase their sales in the United Kingdom, United States, European Union and China.

source : detik.com

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