After a day given the chance mengakrabi latest product of this BMW, KOMPAS.com get the impression, there are some features that are included on the All-New X3launched today are very helpful and allows drivers to operate this SUV .

Two units are tested first xDrive35i and xDrive20d Business.Versi very full and luxurious. The roof is not only equipped with roof rails, as well as glass that can be opened (shifted) so that the passengers and the driver immediately enjoy the fresh air outside the car.

This glass roof can be closed, if the passenger or the driver is not exposed to the scorching sun. To mengoperasikancukup by pressing the button located at the front of the ceiling.

To infotaiment and communication, xDrive35i is also more complete than xDrive20 Business. In this version, a Bluetooth connection to work effectively when linked with Android smartphone and iPod Touch, including to play songs. While Bluetooth for phone, the speaker voice sounded very clear.

BMW seems to have prepared a place for the phone again gadjet and trends in the world, namely the iPod and iPhone. Center console, fit for both the Apple product.

Special diesel version, Xdrive20d, specialized version of the Business, the connection only Bluetooth connection facility of communication. This version is not equipped with roof rails and glass roof. But for the xDrive Executive, completeness and feature the same with xDdrive35i. For entertainment, VBMW only put 6 speakers. As for the Executive variants, such as Xdrive35i, using 12 speakers.

New features and very functional to improve the efficiency of fuel consumption is "the Start-Stop" which works automatically. When the speed above 10 km / h and then the car stopped, in a few seconds the engine will die otomatis.Pada instrument panel indicators are shown, dead engine condition.

For the machine back to life, simply by pressing the gas pedal. This isis the first automatic transmission in combination with the Start -Stopsystem . Even so the system can also be dinonaktif by pressing the button on the side.

Do not worry about the battery runs out or the AC was not functioning when the engine died. So, the temperature increases and energy reserves of the battery down, automatic machines turned on again. In addition, bisal speed is always below 10 km / h, the system does not work (very helpful on a very bad traffic, such as Jakarta).

Explained well, actually X3 already using the mild hybrid system. When the brake is operated, the energy is converted into electricity stored in batteries.

Using a 6-cylinder gasoline engine capable of producing power and torque 306 rpm PS@5.800 Nm@1.200 400 - 5000 rpm. Using direct injection technology with Valvetronic valve.

This version is perfect for those who like speeding because of the steady pull of the machine! While xDrive20d, the choice for those considering an economical operating costs (for companies).

Features that really helps is the electric parking brake (activated and released by pressing the button) "Auto Hold" to prevent the car moving when stopped (including flights).

Spesifikasi X3
Dimensi (mm)  
Jarak sumbu roda2.810
Berat Kosong (kg)1.8201.800
Kapasitas tangki bbm67 liter67 liter
Radius putar11,911,9
Muatan maks. (kg)560560
TipeBensin, 6-sil, twinpower turbo, inkesi langsung, piezoelektrikBensin, 4-sil,  turbo, common rail, piezoelektrik
Kapasitas (cc)2.9791.995
Perbandingan kompresi10,2:116,5:1
Grade bensinPaling rendah 91 
Tenaga (PS @rpm)306@5.800184@4.000
Torsi    (Nm@rpm)400@1.200-5.000380 @1.750-2.750
TransmisiOtomatik 8-percepatan, Steptronic
Akselerasi 0 – 100 kpj5,7 detik8,4 detik
Kecepatan top  245 kpj210 kpj
Konsumsi bensin11,4 km/liter17,9 km/liter
Emisi CO2204 gram/km147 gram/km
Ban depan & belakang245/50-R18 100 W225/60-R17 99V

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