Axeon, Land Rover Defender Electricity Review. All-terrain car with electric power was born in South Africa, due to the Land Rover with a lithium ion battery producing company named Axeon.

With this partnership, kitchen runway Land Rover Defender which previously contained sebonggol 2.4-liter diesel engine is now replaced with electric motors and battery-powered 193 bhp which can accommodate up to 28.8 kWh of energy.

With a battery that, Land Rover Defender can brought roam up to 88.5 km before having to be recharged for 8 hours.

Land Rover Defender electric version will later be used to apply to tourists roam savannas of Africa to see wild African animals up close. Once charged with the Land Rover Defender is capable of bringing tourists to explore the three rounds.

And because this car is much quieter than gasoline or diesel engine vehicles in general, then Axeon claims that this car could bring tourists to get closer to wildlife than when using conventional-engined car.
source : detik.com

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