American car manufacturer Jeep aggressively preparing new products. In fact, they've got six new cars, two of them Wrangler and Wrangler Renegade Pork Chop will be introduced at the annual Moab Jeep Safari 45th in Utah, United States that lasted 16 to 24 April next.

Both short chassis jeep was a token of appreciation from the serious Jeep accommodate for off-road enthusiasts. Unfortunately, not explained in detail mengenail technical specifications.

Only, for Wrangler Renegade model is actually more to the "facelift" with all four wheels still use a wheel bar five. Unless there is a bulge on the bonnet which implies that the jeep was carrying the V8 engine.

While Pork Chop, the cabin space is protected with a roll-over bars. Then, there's no door, good for drivers and passengers. Not having front and rear bumper protector.

Thus, in the exhibition, in addition to Wrangler and Wrangler Renegade Pork Chop, Jeep Wrangler probably show SMRT8 (long chassis).

source : kompas.com

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