The name of the Audi Quattro rally ever formations in the world arena in the era of the 1980s. In fact, HP's 550-powered car driven by motion of four-wheel racer French woman, Michele Mouton, had seized the world's runner-up position in 1985. However, entering the 1990s, Audi disappeared from the scene of the rally.

Reportedly, the German car manufacturer wanted to produce the Audi Quattro. Concept car was exhibited at the Paris Motor Show 2010. However, according to some information, Quattro will be built by Audi S5 platform.

The designers and engineers have demonstrated the concept to Audi board Audi. The company reportedly is ready to give the green light to the production phase, although there has been no confirmation of when it will be announced. However, Autocar leaking information that Audi will be marketed in 2013.

In terms of design, look really cool Quattro sport and have a very strong impression. The lines that characterized the old Quattro looks strong on the front, except for double headlights hidden in the bumper above, plus a hood that there is a kind of thin air cavity.

That implies that the Quattro has great energy. Behind the crumpled hood of cardiac pacemaker equipped with 2.5 liter turbocharged the same as in the Audi TT RS. Only, if the TT RS power of 250 kW, the power to Quattro inflated so 300 kW with 480 Nm of torque. Acceleration 0-100 km per hour was achieved in 3.9 seconds.

Quattro Galaknya this, in addition to engine power, is also supported by the lighter weight of 300 kg of S5. It could be much lighter weight because the body is made of aluminum and carbon fiber as well as on the hood.

source : kompas.com

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